December 2015

My UVU students’ exhibition, Seeing Music, was a resounding success. Music students wrote compositions, then each of my design students made a piece of art based on one of the musical compositions. The music was played and artworks exhibited in a culminating event exploring synesthesia, in the Ballroom Gallery in the UVU Student Center. I plan to continue these collaborative, interdisciplinary endeavors with my classes every semester. They present such tantalizing possibilities for exploring creative expression between disciplines!

I was delighted that this year’s faculty show at Woodbury Art Museum featured my painting from last year’s show on the posters and promotional materials. My piece, titled Out of Hand, is crafted from an antique triptych-type frame, and includes found objects of rulers and drill bits. The central panel has a concave void of a sphere made of wood. More and more my work is featuring elements that are left as black and white drawings, juxtaposed with areas that are thoroughly rendered in oil paint.

Recently I showed new work in the fall exhibition at Springville Museum of Art. I also have new work at A Gallery in Salt Lake City. The next opening event is Friday, February 19, 2016, 6 to 9 pm. Hint: A Gallery always serves da best hors’doevres in the valley!

March 2015

I recently showed work in "Rebuilding Home" at the Refugee and Immigrant Center in Salt Lake City, an invitational exhibition exploring issues facing immigrants in Utah. My design students at Utah Valley University have just completed a collaborative project with UVU music composition students. We requested they provide us with original composition sound tracks. Each art student selected a piece of music and created an artwork based around the rhythms and emotional tone of the music. These synesthetic artworks and those of other design classes are exhibited in a show titled, "Seeing Music" in the Sorensen Student Center Commons Area, 2nd Floor Grande Ballroom through April 29. Opening reception April 17, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, appetizers and music. With SoundCloud technology, visitors will be able to listen to the music recording of each individual artwork on their smartphone or device as they view the exhibition. Students are jazzed as they get an early taste of working on an interdisciplinary project!

December 2014

I have new work in the Utah Statewide Annual ’14: Painting & Sculpture, exhibition at Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City, show closes January 9, 2015. Another one of my pieces is in the Springville Museum of Art through January 18, 2015. It is the painting of the hands of sculptor Lyuba Prusak, a prolific Czech-American sculptor who lived her final days in Utah. This painting was also recently shown in the invitational exhibition, Nation of Immigrants at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City, curated by Namon Bills in conjunction with the Smithsonian exhibition, Journey Stories, a traveling exhibition exploring the journeys of immigrants to the U.S.

October 2014

In my lecture at Ventura College I talked about living with your eyes open and then crafting that hyper-sensory experience into an art life. The audience of about 70 asked some astute questions and later I reviewed the work of some figure drawing students in their studio space. On Oct. 14 at Southern Utah University I coordinated the second annual Utah FATE conference (Foundations in Art Theory and Education, the national organization promoting excellence in higher education foundational art instruction). We had a good crowd of artists and educators, and an energized discussion about art foundations. You can see one of my recent paintings in the Utah Valley University Faculty Show at the Woodbury Art Museum in Orem. Opening reception Tuesday, Nov. 4, 6 pm.

August 2014

The exhibition at Ventura College Main Art Gallery is “Transcend to Transform, Paintings of Laurie Lisonbee”, featuring new work as well as artworks since of the last five years. I plan to be there to enjoy the ambience of one of my favorite Cal beachside towns and get an eyeful of ocean. There is an opening reception for the public on Thursday, September 4, 6 to 9 pm, and I will give a lecture in the gallery on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 7 pm. The exhibition continues through October 2. I am happy to resume teaching drawing at Utah Valley University on August 25. Summering in my mountain home and studio has been exhilarating!

May 2014

My little neck of the woods in Utah’s Wasatch has burst forth in all its green glory. Gearing up for the Ventura College exhibition in September. I have work in the Summer Solstice Show at A Gallery in Salt Lake City, with the opening reception on June 21, 6 – 9 pm. “A” is one of Utah’s best galleries and I have enjoyed a quality relationship with them since 2006. My newest circular painting is in a “frame” made from a massive antique wood pulley. I bought the pulley, then in one of those meaningful synchronicities, I came across the poem “The Pulley” by George Herbert, a 17th century Welsh poet. The painting evokes imagery from the poem. Most of my work is at the Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale over the summer. It is a pleasure to hear reports from some of you who have seen my work there.

January 2014

I am pleased to announce that I now have representation with the Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, while continuing my relationship with A Gallery in Salt Lake City as well. The Marshall shows some superb painters and sculptors, and I am happy to be among them. They are currently showing a body of my work. Next September-October 2014 I will be having a solo exhibition at the Ventura College Art Gallery in California (why couldn’t it have been scheduled for Jan/Feb when a trip out of Utah’s cold is urgently needed?!).

November 2013

Studio remodel in progress, boxes unpacked, our mountain views are everything my eyes could have hoped for. Painting works-in-progress are for the A Gallery Holiday Show and Nation of Immigrants, an exhibition in September 2014, curated by Namon Bills, at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City, Utah. My painting for the exhibition, of Czech American artist, Lyuba Prusak, is more than a portrait of her hands, it is an exploration of my own Bohemian roots.

July 2013

Upheaval. Unexpected. Welcome. We have moved to a home in the woods, something long-sought and finally fulfilled. These kinds of transitions are fraught with excitement and chaos. I have a spacious studio separate from the house. Painting is on hold for the moment while I prep the studio and do some remodeling. Several deer have visited. We are told of a recent bear-sighting on our property. Much work to be done amongst the maple and oak trees. Big windows give the feeling of being immersed in green. After unpacking multitudinous boxes, I hope to resume painting in the fall.

February 2013

There is a solo exhibition of my paintings at Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center, now through Feb. 27, Mon-Fri, 10 to 4. All are invited to the reception on Friday, Feb. 15, 7 -9 pm. The Hare Krishna Temple of our community will provide the food and a brief yoga demonstration at 7:30. I am happily teaching a Design class and two Drawing classes at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, delighted to find an eclectic mix of bright, visually astute students. I have work in the SUU faculty show at the Braithwaite Art Gallery, Feb. 7 – March 9. My work is also showing in an exhibition titled, The Figure Now, currently at Fontbonne University Fine Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri. I am pleased to have my work included among these very compelling figurative artworks, juried by Steve Huston, a stellar artist of the human figure.

November 2012

Two new paintings are in A Gallery’s annual holiday show through December 2012. I am also gearing up for my one-person exhibition at the Payson Cultural Arts Center in January and February (known as “Peteetneet Academy”, named for a mighty Indian chief who dominated our land). My painting “Shelled” won an award in Springville Museum of Art’s Spiritual and Religious Show, on exhibition through January 18, 2013. In winter 2013, I will be back to teaching Drawing and Design at Southern Utah University.

August 2012

See my artworks on YouTube: Laurie Lisonbee Video Gallery, thanks to my live-in tech support guy, a filmmaker/artist/visionary/musician, my muse, BFF and ever-inspiring and conspiring collaborator (see for more about him). I am tackling new technical concerns in my paintings, drawing from the live model and ever-hunting for just the right chair or object that I can transform into a piece of art; starting two new figurative paintings. On my daily walk in the woods, trying to get as much green into my eyes as possible before our mountains turn gray.

June 2012

I was delighted with the patrons’ suggested titles for my painting in Rio Gallery’s “Untitled Show” and chose from among them, “Hula Hands”. I couldn’t have named it better myself! Thank you to the unknown viewer who gave me the title. Two paintings are also currently exhibited in “Expressions West” through June 30 at the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon. Both paintings received awards.

A Gallery in Salt Lake City has the annual show of their gallery artists in “Summer Solstice” through the last week of July. Come to Gallery Stroll Friday, June 16, 6-9 pm and see the three new paintings I have in the show.

April 2012

Upcoming exhibitions: The “Untitled Show” at Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City, a group show April 6-30. The premise of the show is that the artworks are untitled and the public chooses the titles. I will also have two paintings in “Expressions West” at the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon April 27 – June 30. This juried show features recent paintings by artists of the western states. If you happen by the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Nordstroms recently purchased one of my paintings; it is “Circinate” in the womens section where all of the artworks are by Utah artists. Sorry guys, but it is hanging in the dressing room, so you won’t get to see it!

February 2012

My time continues to be frequently divided between Utah and California. In late summer I traveled to Maryland and Boston, and got an eyeful of art, architecture, ocean and woodlands. In the fall I had two paintings accepted into the Juried Salon of Logan Fine Art. Terra Nova Gallery’s small works exhibition included two of my paintings in December. I also showed work in the Springville Museum of Art’s Spiritual and Religious exhibition. On Monday March 5th at 6pm at Springville Museum of Art, I will be the guest artist for Community Night, showing and speaking about some of my paintings. Wintering in Utah: hunkering down, making improvements to my studio, and painting.

June 2011

Two of my paintings, "Circinate" and "Pose Without Number", are in the Freedom Festival Invitational through July 28 at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, Utah. I like the word, “Circinate”, title of my most recent painting; it means to form a ring. I continue to work on circular human figure poses in circular formats along with other yoga contortions.

April 2011

“The circle is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions. It combines the concentric and the eccentric in a single form and in equilibrium,” said Kandinsky. I am painting in circles. Renaissance artists knew the dynamic capabilities of the tondo format. The painting surface, three feet across, is to my eye, at once a giant, static dot - and a race track with frantic visual movement around the edge. It is very satisfying to put the brush to this flat, benign shape - a universe in my studio.

March 2011

In February, for the second time, one of my paintings was featured on the cover of Catalyst Magazine, a Utah publication about healthy living (  The painting is Washing, framed in an antique, circular, cast-iron washstand top.  Catalyst is a great little rag with articles on health foods, artists, yoga, the environment, and other contemporary issues.

My painting, Crazy Eight, is currently showing in the Elmhurst Art Museum until March 30, in the National Art Premiere 2011, by the museum’s partner, the Elmhurst Artists Guild (

January 2011

“Postures of Devotion” was my one-person exhibition at A Gallery in Salt Lake City in April. Since May I have traveled to Sedona, Yellowstone, Washington, D.C., Maryland, California, Mexico, Hawaii. My travel heightened my awareness of the impact of peoples and cultures, of miracles of healing and of the boundless visual feasts of art and nature. Over the summer I showed work in the Woodbury Art Museum, and in February one of my paintings will be in the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois.